The Life

by Misty Boyce

  • Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

    Old-skool CD in packaging photographed and designed my Mark Beumer, Misty Boyce, Frank Zurheide, and Aaron Mort.

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released January 20, 2015



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Misty Boyce New York, New York


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Track Name: Limits
Limit one: you’re born
Limit two: you’re gone
The limits in between are real or make-believe
Minutes, weeks, and years
Some imagined fears
Inestimable lot: we’re here and then we’re not
We sit between four walls
In bodies under the law
Limited in deed…unlimited in dreams
So sleep with eyes aware
Try anything you dare
And when you know enough…get limitless in love

Catch yourself afire
Call my God a liar
Burn like angel wood
Look on and call it “good”
Keep my brother’s son
Cool my lover’s gun
Fill these empty words
Give a man what he deserves
Yeah, sit and watch it all
Hear the people call
And when you’ve heard enough
Get limitless in love
Track Name: Unsatisfied Mind
i heard you talking in your sleep / i heard you crying for the devil / i saw him come to your side like an old friend / and when you woke inside his arms / think ye be held in by an angel / you couldn’t move away in time

he keeps a locket by the bed / says it reminds of the pain she felt / says i can’t understand / and i never will / if i can’t get inside his grief / i guess i’ll go and find my anger / i guess i’ll scream out loud while i watch him bury her still

what keeps your mind unsatisfied / unwelcoming of the answers you’ve begged of me / when i give you more i’ve nothing for myself.
Track Name: The Life
the life

paper bag or plastic, you’re making a choice, oh yeah / pistol or broken glass, you’re making a choice, oh yeah / so take your pick, you can’t get it wrong / it’s the road we’re on / but it’s not the one I want

put it in the basket, stock up for the hurricane / go to dad and ask him if he cleared the fire escape / we can’t afford to get it wrong if it’s raining long / keepin’ the life we want / give us the life we want / we want the life we want

cutting is the fashion, she moved up to hollywood / got a little mansion, bought up all the friends she could / but hates the weight, it’s making her old / in the world she knows / but it’s not the one I want / it’s not the life I want / it’s not the one I want
Track Name: Waited on the Line
it’s such an ordinary way to live life / time will take it all / what we give up to get by

and i waited on the line too long

go get your mind made up on what we’re here for / i have no more patience to ride alongside dealing
Track Name: The Nest
what is real was once just in my head / i tell you all about a love that i once had / i once had a love and now i got a whole where he had been / so there i put another lover in my bed

but when the dust had settled and the wind stood down / i wondered at the bed-hole and my friend / once my friend / who’s now a letter, reddened, staring at an end / where an end had started speeding up loss he did not intend / please don’t tell my father

cuz home is an answer to fear of unrest / of being misunderstood / oh hide in the nest

what is it about you that you miss, that you miss / when you look back on all the girls you didn’t kiss / couldn’t kiss because of something deep inside you you insist / on resisting for the good of someone else’s good intent

i wonder if he’ll ever come again to meet me / after the red writer i have been / i have been every version of myself i could pretend / when pretensions on my honor became what i would defend / i defend my honor

feel the unnatural way fear has a hold on you / hide in your garden, unmoved, feeding on eden’s breast
Track Name: Push Back
flying coast to coast on love / can't afford to pay for transportation / i'm enough to fill me up / but you're enough to tip me over / pour me out

why do it all if you can't relax / don't push back my baby / you'll thank me for that

i remember where you live / i know all the lovers you've run over / i'm enough to pay for it / but you're enough to be my owner / buy me out
Track Name: Live My Life (Like it's Suicide)
it starts / a long drive up the coast / land ends into an ocean / one plan that stays in motion / we’ve seen sparkling vines that plot / to yield and be an offering / in being, doing nothing

so I wanna live my life like it’s suicide to not open my eyes / to live like sadness is suicide

it’s harder to fear some hopeless end / when all around you teeming is beauty beyond dreaming

speed right to the ocean / the freeway is rolling / so speed right to the ocean / and feel the light til I’m undone
Track Name: Broken Hearted Girl
hello loneliness / i called you here to rest / but where is my lover? / i left him high and how’d I end up / i sleep with the light on / always looking over my shoulder

will i get over you

or will i become only part of a broken-hearted girl / nothing beyond the lonely art of a broken-hearted girl / and what man belongs in the garden of a broken-hearted girl / back to the long journey I started as a broken-hearted girl

and if i’ve been wrong, i ask you to ignore the mess / as soon as you’re gone i will learn better how to need you less / if i have been wrong i ask you to forgive my ignorance / as soon as i’m on my way i long for the things that i have left

and i will go on…
Track Name: Host a Show
here i crawl to waken up my lover’s seed / we recall the memories of when / we descended, opting for another scene / what I found was a cold and bitter end / he’s laid out in pillar’s light and angel steam / i become a shaky, withered limb / of a woman, once strong enough for anything / now a drawn and desperate alien

and i wanna cry out / hey don’t leave me alone to dry out / don’t leave me alone

when he comes to take me to the other side / and i’ve carried the weight of severing / will i forgive all the lonely tears i’ve cried / will i forget all the suffering

and i’m gonna cry out / hey don’t leave me alone to dry out

oh get me on the next ship out, baby / leavin’ on a moonless tide / we don’t need her light to shame us or lead us on a bumpy ride / baby, won’t you take me home / shimmer with the stars above / they know how to host a show and I know that you’re the one I love / baby you’re the one I love

and i’m gonna cry out / hey don’t leave me alone to dry out / don’t leave me alone to die now
Track Name: Back For More
burning engine oil / lightning’s a-roll / she’s lighting earth a-flame / fire beats rain

and my eye is on the road / put my body ‘neath the mud / til i’m dry and on the shore / oh my heartbeat won’t be back for more

driving on ahead / traffic like the dead / who’s lost the will to fight / pass it on the right

and my eye is on the flood / put my body ‘neath the mud / til we toil towards something pure / oh my heartbeat won’t be back for more

on my eyes a weighted cloak / on my body a heavy load / til I’m light and unafraid / or i give and give without trade / til i’m dry and on the shore / oh my heartbeat won’t be back for more